CR 1926 November 19 – A meeting of the badminton enthusiasts was held at the Parish Hall on Tuesday night and after a thorough discussion of the situation a committee of Principal McLellan, G. Greenwood, W. R. Long and Mrs. Twigg was named to made a canvass for members and when 20 of these are signed up the needed equipment will be ordered and the game commenced. Membership is $2.50, with Mr. Greenwood named treasurer pro tem. It is stated evenings as well as a couple of afternoons each week with the Parish Hall as headquarters.


CR 1926 December 10 – The badminton players had the first practice of the season on Tuesday night at the Parish Hall, and another on Thursday evening, both of which were well attended. The complete equipment for the game is now on hand and as soon as the holiday festivities are over a regular schedule of afternoon and evening play will be arranged. There is still room for a few more players and memberships can be taken out with Principal McLellan, G. Greenwood or W. R. Long.


CR 1927 April 29 – Creston badminton club wound up the season’s activities last week and President C. B. Twigg reports a most successful year – financially and otherwise. The club had 25 playing members all of whom took an active part in the games played three evenings a week at the Parish Hall. The club now owns complete equipment and has a small surplus to start next season with.


CR 1927 October 14 – Creston Badminton Club held an enthusiastic meeting on Wednesday evening at which there was practically a full turnout of old members. It was decided to play on the same days as last year – Tuesday evening and Thursday afternoon and evening, with the addition of Saturday afternoon when the hall is available. The opening date will be Thursday evening, October 20th, at the Parish Hall. Playing members will be limited to 25, with a membership fee of $5. As several of the old members have left the district there will be room for a limited number of new members. Non-playing membership fee is $1. Applications should be made to the secretary, H. G. Greenwood.


CR 1927 October 28 – Creston Badminton players had the first practice games of the season on Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon last, with a full turnout of all last year’s talent.


CR January 20 – Creston Badminton Club are due to visit Canyon on Thursday, January 19th, for games with the Badminton talent of that district.


CR 1928 January 27 – Badminton Club Wins at Canyon

                Creston Badminton Club had a very enjoyable evening on Thursday last when fifteen members journeyed to Canyon to take part in a tournament with the Badminton Club there. The trip was made by sleigh. Creston had the best of the evening’s play, winning nine out often games. Following are the scores: …


CR 1923 October 26 – There was a fair turnout of Badminton enthusiasts at Saturday afternoon’s meeting at which is was decided to carry on another season on past schedules of play at the Parish Hall on Tuesday nights, Thursday afternoons and night, and Saturday afternoon. The club had 21 members last season, and the same yearly fee of $5 will prevail. Officers will be elected at a later date.

                Creston Athletic Club is now meeting twice a week in Trinity United Church basement. Gymnasium classes are held for girls on Tuesday evenings, and for boys on Monday nights. All are welcomed. The club intends to obtain additional equipment as soon as possible and is working with the avowed intention of some day building a fully equipped gymnasium in the town. The instructors are W. J. Truscott and Sam Steenstrup.


CR 1928 November 2 – A Badminton Club has just been organized at Cranbrook with Dr. Fergie as president. Only 25 members will be enrolled.


CR 1929 November 22 – The high school students have taken to badminton and are working out at the Parish Hall Friday afternoons and Tuesday evenings each week.


CR November 29 – By a margin of 14 to 10 the Erickson-Creston badminton team triumphed over Yahk in a series of doubles played in the C.P.R. hall at that point on Thursday night last. Those making the trip were Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Staples, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Telford, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Lon, Miss Brown and Principal Stallwood. At the close of play a substantia lunch was served. The duty of expressing appreciation of the reception accorded the visitors devolved upon Mr. Allan who was in[?] splendid after-dinner form and with many original witticisms and graceful phrases acknowledged the open-handed hospitality, the delicious viands, splendid sportsmanship and real badminton talent displayed by the losers; closing with a kindly reference to the exhibition of skill of a couple of the budding novices amongst the visitors.


CR 1930 March 21 – Another very successful badminton season is drawing to a close with the tournament played on Monday evening. This elimination was confined to mixed doubles the winners in this class are Mrs. J. F. Warren and W. R. Long. On Wednesday evening there was a draw tournament for mixed doubles and the winners on this occasion were Mrs. Warren and Mr. Whitfield. This year the club had a membership of 35, which is the largest in its history.


CR 1930 April 4 – The high school students would up the badminton season with a tournament for mixed doubles at which the final was played on Tuesday night with Jean McCreath and Claude Simpson winning out against Betty Speers and Bud Sanford.


CR 1930 October 17 – Badminton Club Reorganizes

                The annual meeting of the Badminton Club was held in the Parish Hall on Wednesday last with a large turnout of members. The retiring secretary, Mrs Telford, reported a very successful season with the balance sheet showing a small credit balance after all expenses had been paid. The officers for the coming season were elected as follows: Mr. E. Whitfield, president; and Miss M. Hamilton, secretary-treasurer.

                The club will meet for play in the Parish Hall on Monday and Wednesday evening from 7.30 to 11 p.m., and Thursday and Saturday afternoons from 2.30 to 6 p.m.

                As the Club has only one court it is necessary to limit the membership, therefore anybody wishing to join should apply as soon as possible.


CR 1930 November 21 – Creston Defeats Yahk Badminton

One Game is Victory margin – Creston’s Triumph Achieved in Men’s Singles – Single Point Win in Other Departments.

                 The local badminton season opened at the Parish Hall last Friday evening when the Creston club was at home to players from the Yahk Badminton Club and in an evening’s play that accounted for 25 games Creston managed to beat the visitors by the closest possible margin of one game, and on a points count the contest was almost as close.

(other page) Yahk badminton players were here on Friday night for quite a lengthy series of games in which Creston emerged victor by winning 13 of the 25 games played. On points Creston had a margin of 7 to the good.


CR 1930 November 28 – Yahk Badminton Team Victorious

Win Two to One in Total of 37 Games – Smaller Quarters and Low Ceiling Handicap Locals Yahk Club Hosts at Supper.

(other page) Creston badminton talent played the return game with Yahk at the latter point on Friday night, and were beaten to the extent of 25 to 12 games. Cramped quarters interfered with the usual good play of the locals.


CR 1930 December 5 – The young people of Canyon met at the Community Hall late in November for the purpose of organizing a badminton club, and after discussing the matter at some length it was decided to organize and the following officers were chosen: Resident – Jack Hale. Vice-president – Thelma Vance. Secretary-treasurer – Nissie McRobb. Executive – Mr. Elwell,Helen McRobb.

                At a meeting of the executive of the Junior Badminton Club was present with a request for the use of the hall on specified nights for the purpose of playing badminton. The hall executive was sympathetic to the idea and granted the request on such terms that it will make it possible for the young people to this much needed recreation during the winter. A meeting of the badminton club will be held immediately and it is hoped playing will get under way very shortly. At this meeting a schedule of games will be drawn up to be played against the already badminton club known as the O.H.C.


CR 1930 December 19 – The junior badminton club commenced the season’s play this week, and in January are hoping to be in shape to try conclusions with the Creston club.


CR 1931 September 18 – The council will not lease the park pavilion to the Badminton Club who write asking for a rental price for the season.


CR 1931 October 9 – O Sostad and E. Whitfield were present on behalf of the Badminton Club to have the council reconsider the question of renting the fall fair main building to the club for use this winter. On motion of Councillors Henderson and Edmondson it was decided to let the club have it two nights and two afternoons a week at $10 per month, the club to pay for the light and fuel used.

(other page) At the special meeting of the council on Monday night it was agreed to rent the badminton club the fall fair building at the rate of $10 a month. The club is counting on using two courts as a membership of 40 is in sight.


CR 1931 November 13 – It was agreed to spend up to $150 for wiring the Park pavilion , the work to commence immediately. With this improvement the badminton club will rent the building for the winter at $10 a month.


CR 1931 December 11 – (Canyon) Canyon badminton club are having two practices a week, and by January hope to be in shape to invade Creston and Yahk for games for the Valley championship.


CR 1932 January 1 – Badminton Play Inter-Club Series

Games Include Ladies’, Gents’ and Mixed Doubles – Players Headed by Mrs. Levirs Have Best of Evening’s Scores.

                Creston badminton club had the first tournament of the season at the Parish Hall on December 16th. It was an inter-club affair, with the teams captained by Mrs. Levirs and Miss Meldrum. 17 sets were played, and the talent carrying the banner of the former emerged with 11 victories to their credit. The closest play of the evening was furnished in the ladies doubles where Mrs. Telford and Mrs. Levirs nosed out Mrs. Thomson and Miss Meldrum by one point margin. The worst trimming of the evening was also taken by the Meldrum forces Bill Long and Roy Telford losing to Page McPhee and E. Marriott 11-0. The scores were: …


CR 1932 January 22 – The badminton club are now utilizing the Park pavilion, where three courts are available for play, as compared with one at the Parish Hall.


CR 1932 February 26 – By a margin of four sets and 30 points the Yahk badminton talent captured the first of the series of home and home competitions with Creston at the Park pavilion on Saturday night. A total of 16 sets were played with Yahk capturing ten of them for 198 points, as compared with six wins and 168 points for Creston.


CR 1932 February 26 – An East Kootenay badminton league has been formed and there will be a championship tournament at Cranbrook on February 27th.


CR 1932 March 18 – There were at leas three letters asking for alterations at the Park Pavilion. The Players dramatic club would like a stag installed and are willing to help pay for the improvement. The badminton and basketball clubs would like the stairway and overhead walk leading to the bandstand and lookout removed to facilitate these indoor sports. The park committee well investigate. The bill for an additional $27.50 for wiring the pavilion to meet the needs of these sports was ordered paid after some protests as to the invoicing of cost of the work.


CR 1932 October 21 – Creston badminton club has play in full swing at Park pavilion, which they are using Monday and Wednesday evenings and Thursday afternoons. A membership of at least 50 is in prospect for this year.


CR 1932 December 30 – Creston Valley Highlights, 1932

                Basketball and badminton experience best year in the sport’s history.


CR 1933 March 17 – The American tournament, which has featured badminton club activity for the past month was concluded on Monday. During the series the 44 players were paired and were to play against each All told 343 games were played and the winners of the tournament are Mrs. J. E. Johnston and Gib. Sinclair, who captured 16 out of 17 games they played. Second place went to r. M. Telford and Mrs. Sinclair, and third place was taken by Tom Crawford. Jr., and Mrs F. C. Rodgers.


CR 1933 March 24 – The Creston badminton club’s 1933 season will end this month, but if sufficient members pay dues for another month play will be continued throughout April.


 CR 1934 February 9 – Shuttle Talent Evenly Matched

Local Club’s February Tournament Shows Margin of Three Games in Thirty-Three Played – Points Spread is 29.

                At the February tournament of Creston badminton club Park pavilion on Monday night the hospitality of the club was extended a number of players from Canyon, who were teamed up with Creston talent in a number of the mixed doubles, the visitors showing good form considering the short time the Canyon club has been playing.

                The talent was pretty evenly matched with the “Crazy” squad winning against the “Crazy Too” by a margin of 18-15 in games, and a spread of 420 to 391 in points registered. The players and scores: …


CR 1934 March 30 – Misses Marjorie Hamilton and Jean Henderson will represent Creston badminton club at the West Kootenay shuttle tournament which commences at Nelson to-morrow.


CR 1934 December 14 – Creston’s  badminton talent had no trouble taking all twelve sets played in a tournament with Cranbrook shuttle talent at a tournament at Park pavilion on Wednesday evening. A dozen players from the divisional city took part with our former townspeople, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Argue showing the class of them all.


CR 1935 February 22 – About a dozen members of the club left today for Cranbrook to take part in the East Kootenay shuttle tournament.

(other page) Thirteen members of Creston badminton club made the trip to Kimberley on Sunday for a series of games with the shuttle talent of that town in which Kimberley won by quite a wide margin. In the party were Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Chandler, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Telford, Mrs. Weir, Misses Nora Payne, Ada Lewis, Marcella Sanford; Messrs. J. P. MacDonald, R. Lynn, H. Webster, O Sostad and Ted Moore.


CR 1935 November 8 – Sir, – As a badminton and basketball enthusiast I am immensely pleased with the improvements at park pavilion which have recently been made by the city fathers. Many kindly compliments have reached my ears from both players and spectators.

                In the raising of the beams six feet badminton has been improved 100 per cent., and is now a much speedier game, as it is not often that one now hits the beams while playing. With this improvement, too, it will enable Creston club to hold the East Kootenay badminton tournament here; possibly in 1936. Creston is the only place in Kootenay East where there are three courts on one floor, and with the beams elevated there is no real reason to be ashamed of the hall.

                Basketball fans are also highly pleased with the change, and hope to be able to develop some fast teams for the Kootenay playoffs. With the beams removed shooting is not hampered, and players will work up to be much swifter than formerly. The hoopsters, too, along with the shuttle corps, will also greatly appreciate the new kitchen which is now being built, and the basketball talent is sadly in the need of the contemplated dressing rooms.

                Once more I would like to congratulate the village council as a body, and particularly Councillor E. C. F. Murrell, and it was he who was mainly responsible for the needed and much appreciated improvements. ATHLETE.